Ignorance is bliss ...


Anonym hat gesagt…

Although I find humour and sadness in this pic, defensively speaking-what exactly do you think Americans see Germany as. Or for that matter the world? Helpful hint- Hitler.

That one word can evoke images and thoughts of great pain and suffering.
So America's one word is Bush.

If we choose to label a country in their most negative times aren't we, the labelers, the most ignorant?
Today's Germany should not be completely defined or judged by their past. What good would that do?

The same can be said of the USA today.
Labeling is usually a way to accept something we do not understand.

icode hat gesagt…

This satirical picture is about the USA *today*, not about Germany and not about the past. I am sure you could draw similar a funny picture for Germany and its relations to the surrounding countries. And yes, I am very well aware that not all americans have this view of the world and I am sure that almost all of them would still find this picture very funny.