Duplicates after import in iTunes

I recently repeatedly experienced duplicates in iTunes after importing directories of mp3 files. Almost all files (but not all) would be visible twice in iTunes and they would also exist as two distinct files in the iTunes library, but the files would be identical. Some files even would be visible three times.

I now found what is the cause: An m3u playlist in the directory will cause all the file in that playlist to be impoted and in addition all mp3 files in that directory are also imported, hence all files in the m3u list will appear twice.

The solution is to erase all m3u files (or all non-mp3 files) before importing directory structures.


30ga hat gesagt…

You call this a solution?
So I shall throw away all my m3u playlists because of an iTunes bug? no way! Why don't they resolve this stupidness?!

icode hat gesagt…

Yes, it is an annoying bug. But I do not need the m3u list anyway after tzhe songs are in iTunes.

Ferlando hat gesagt…

Why not just import the m3u by itself?

icode hat gesagt…

... because there is too many of them. You can import whole directories and this is what I do. And you can never be sure that all mp3 files are in the m3u files.

Of course, when it's only one or two m3u files it is easier to just import them.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I had the same problem and i solved it by using the search filter. On the Add to Library window use a search with "-mpu" or with "+mp3" and select the files. You can also choose to filter the files by "kind" and choose "Music". This way you can easily import multiple directories without deleting any m3u :)