Apple Mac Mini: Mini DVI adapter does not have VGA RGB signals

The mini DVI to DVI adapter which is included in the Mac Minis with Mini DVI socket does not transport the VGA RGB signals which are necessary to connect a VGA monitor. This means it is not possible to use a DVI-I to VGA adapter to connect a VGA display. The included adapter is rather a mini DVI to DVI-D adapter instead of a mini DVI to DVI-I adaptr (which I would find intuitive). The mini itself emits the necessary signals, but the adapter does not carry these signals. Apple wants us to buy another adapter for 19 EUR.

Very nasty, but the worst is that I do not have the adapter for this weekend. Mini DVI is crap, completely.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Completely agree. Just enjoyed the exact same frustration after purchasing a mini. DVI-I would have been so much more logical....