Faroe Islands

The italians winning over australia in the last few senconds of the game reminded me of an even more extreme football game which took place on Jue 11th 2003 in Tórshavn: Färöer against Germany. I will never forget this: A beautiful stadium inbetween green grassy hills. The game was not good, but the athomsphere alone was touching. Both teams were unable to score for the first 89 minutes! This was a big achievement of the Färöer team which played well. There was no justification at all for germany winning this game 0:2 in the end. Anyway, I took a few television snapshots back then showing the stadium in Tórshavn and Gerhard Delling and Günter Netzer analyzing the game (Günter excoriating the german team of course, as always).

I would love to go to the Faroes someday ...

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