Stop the bombing! Every bombing destroys lives unselectively. No bomb has ever lead to a better world. Never, ever. No matter which nation ever sends bombs under which condition. It's just horrible. It takes 3 generations at least to forget the violence. In the end, it's a lose-lose situation. Many deaths and the feeling of great injustice on both sides.

Please, stop now! Every damage not done makes the situation less complex and the future more worth living. The true solution is in peace, deescalation, passiveness, self-control, understanding, helping and in the end love.

Make love not war!

This had to be said. I feel a little better now.


Worldcup 2006

Congratulations Italia. The final was not a very good game to remember, but italia deserved the thin win in the end in the penalties. I still have no idea what has bitten Zidane who saw the red card after a head assault. This did certainly not help the french team.

The game for the third place (the small final) between Portugal and Germany yesterday was much better. Usually these games tend to be boring. Congratulations go to both teams which gave everything in an interesting game with many goals.

Special thanks go to the german team for playing so well during the whole worldcup: You gave us back our national flag and a part of our national identity. Now let's hope we qualify for the Euro 2008.



Torsten Frings misses match against Italy

Honestly, I can not believe it. The german football player - Torsten Frings - got suspended for one game in the worldcup after the FIFA committee reviewed video material broadcasted by the italian owned pay TV station Sky. He is accused of hitting the argentinian player Julio Cruz in the face. He has been found guilty, although 3 official referees did not see anything and even Julio Cruz himself claims that he felt nothing.

How can this be? Why was video analysis only for this game? How can somebody be found guilty if the alleged victim himself claims there was no harm done?

I get the strong feeling something is going on there ...

OK, I'd better stop before this gets ugly .. :-)