Gimp does not start on Mac OS X

I don't know what is going, but the high level symptom is 100% reproducible since my very first days on Max OS X: After not having used Gimp for about 1-2 months is will never ever start when I need it.

Today it even would not start when re-installing it. Not a big surprise since this was already the latest and greatest version.

What helped, however, was hard killing the X11 app: Twice.

After killing the X11 app it came back again and I killed that again. I assume the automatic starting of X11 by Gimp is broken or that some other X11 app leaves the X11 server in a state such that Gimp cannot deal with it.


Nokia mobile phone SMS backup/download

Today I wanted to download all sent and received SMSes from my Nokia 6021 phone via Bluetooth. This utility worked for me on Mac OS X: Phone Director 1.4.2 available here: http://www.macmedia.sk/download.htm.

You need to create a COM port with the Nokia PC Suite service as described in the Bluetooth README which comes with Phone Director. Then select this new com port in the preferences.

When you save the SMSes as text it will save it with CR line endings and UFT-8 encoding. To convert this to Latin1 and LF line endings (which I prefer) use this:

recode utf8/cr..latin1 SMS.txt

You can get recode from: http://recode.progiciels-bpi.ca/