Torsten Frings misses match against Italy

Honestly, I can not believe it. The german football player - Torsten Frings - got suspended for one game in the worldcup after the FIFA committee reviewed video material broadcasted by the italian owned pay TV station Sky. He is accused of hitting the argentinian player Julio Cruz in the face. He has been found guilty, although 3 official referees did not see anything and even Julio Cruz himself claims that he felt nothing.

How can this be? Why was video analysis only for this game? How can somebody be found guilty if the alleged victim himself claims there was no harm done?

I get the strong feeling something is going on there ...

OK, I'd better stop before this gets ugly .. :-)


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Is there a link to the video or at least to the pictures?
I spoke this someone today, who saw the video and stills on TV, and he said that Frings definitly deserved the penalty.

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I am not talking about what Frings deserves or what he does not deserve. I am also not talking about what I deserve or what you deserve.

But what we all deserve is to be measured by the same means. I saw the game (which was very fair) and what happened afterwards (which had nothing to do with being fair) and this involved the argentinian team plus non-team-members and the german team plus non-team-members. The situation was not centered around Frings at all. The referees have the powers to place red cards even after the game if they feel this is necessary. But they did not do it.

How can a video or pictures have more truth in itself than the words of the one being hit?

Pictures are here

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Time for FIFA officials to step down.


Shame on Argentina.

Shame on FIFA. Punishment for a victim of aggression.

We should not tolerate violence or injustice.