No md5sum in Mac ports? Use md5sha1sum

I recently installed snow leopard and got rid of all my old Mac ports. One of the things which I did not figure out immediately was how to install md5sum which I got used to from Linux. The answer is to install the package md5sha1sum instead:

sudo port install md5sha1sum

Macs come with md5 which solves the same problem but which has a different (worse) user interface.


Rich hat gesagt…

How is md5 worse than md5sum ?

(although the output is less script friendly, I guess)


icode hat gesagt…

Well, existing scripts from the Linux domain often expect md5sum, and I admit I am just so used to it. Try md5sum --help and md5 --help and man md5 in the context of generating an .md5 file and verifying it again. The documentation of md5 is really ... not existing. :-)