Mac OS X Lion Apple Mail: Search does not work

After switching to Lion and importing all my old mails (actually all users) from the time machine backup I found that all old mails were there, but Mail would not find any of the old mails when searching.

This cured the problem for me:
Foe each individual mailbox (Inbox, Sent, all your own mailboxes) do:
Menu (not context menu): Mailbox -> Restore (in german: Postfach -> Wiederherstellen)


Anonym hat gesagt…

I just upgraded to Lion, and for the last 30 min, I was struggling over this Mail problem. Your post provided the correct solution. Vielen Dank !

Anonym hat gesagt…

Not sure this helps. Mail is indexing in the background to search mail. Indexing starts automatically after import. Rebuilding does not index the mailbox. I guess this worked for you since mail was done indexing after you waited for the rebuild.
To check the progress of the indexing process go to Window->Activity.

icode hat gesagt…

Nope. The Mail indexing was complete, but it did not index any of the imported mails. This was broken more than 24h which is more than enough time to index. Rebuilding the mailboxes _did_ trigger a reindexing of the mailboxes.